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We are honored to give back

The OneLife Rally family connects progressive thinkers with big hearts. Each year, we donate money for children, because we believe they are the most valuable and vulnerable social category. In the first 5 years, we have raised over 50.000 euros for charitable reasons – but that is not all that we do.

OneLife Rally community refers to so-called noblesse oblige. Privilege entails responsibility. We go beyond charity. We follow the principle of inclusion and inspiration by being the only open-style rally in the world – enabling everybody to enjoy the magic of supercars by seating in, taking photos, and coming closer to the drivers. Apart from that unique cross-border charity project for children is organized during Christmas, titled OneLife X-mas Run.

We feel that today’s business environment, with the speed of changing markets and the overall complexity of the world, requires creative, innovative, and more flexible approaches and ways of thinking and doing business. By doing charity in our way, we help to foster this perspective.

Charity of 2021

Srce za djecu

In 2021 we have taken our charity activities to the next level.
Charitable donation with Mini Rally
During the annual rally, we supported Association The Heart for Kids with Cancer from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. We have raised 33.000 euros which enabled the association to build a specially decorated apartment, which is located within the parental home.

Charity of 2020

Dom Maslina

In 2020, we supported Children’s Center Dom Maslina from Dubrovnik, Croatia, the oldest children’s home in Croatia. Together with OneLife family, we helped them financially. Besides money, collected on the spot, members of OneLife community, gave the initiative to raise money also after the event throughout the entire year.
Despite the covid19 outbreak, children from Dom Maslina joined the start and experienced the driving of supercars. The drivers were endowed with small presents, and hand-made cars, created by children from Dom Maslina.

Charity of 2019

Dom Maestral

Like all high-profile events, OneLife Rally has a unique ability to unite people and empowers joint efforts for a better tomorrow. Initiated by OneLife Rally member, Jason Barry, charity became one of the crucial parts of the rally.
OneLife Rally helped Dom Maestral, from Split, Croatia, a social care institution that cares for children and young adults without parents or appropriate parental care. Money was collected during the rally, founders of OneLife Rally, Nik Papič, and Gabrijel Jozić, visited the children also after the event, some of them also drive supercars.

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All this strengthens the vision of OneLife Rally – stretching beyond organizing annual rallies, that represents a time of your life, a week of the year.

We take pride in contributing to the well-being of broader communities for a better-shared future.

We ride together

Let’s experience this drive together