“When driving becomes a philosophy”

Athens, Greece - the final destination of this year's OneLife Rally. It was "the" week of the year...from Wroclaw - Poland to Athens - Greece passing through Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, BiH, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia. We met a lot...and we mean a lot of amazing people...people that are willing to help, people that are sharing the same passion for cars...but not only...they spread good energy, the connect...generate new friendships, give motivation and donate...not only money but their time into better tomorrow for all...we have created a family which is slowly growing into movement, a movement celebrating ONE beautiful LIFE. At this point we would like to express our deepest gratitude for all of You that were part of OneLife Rally 2019 and for those of you that donated money to our charity program in collaboration with Dom Maestral Split and @jasonincroatia. A project like this is possible only if you have a very good team...we have the best one! Thanks to every and each of you. A special thanks to partners. It means a lot to have believers. 2020 Belgrade to Malta! Get ready!