Get ready for an experience like no other – OneLife Rally sets its course to Africa!


Yes, you have read it right! For the first time ever, OneLife Rally is venturing into the breathtaking landscapes of the African continent!

Africa has long been a continent of untapped potential, and now, the OneLife Rally is poised to deliver an experience that will leave you speechless.

Captivated by its beauty that is so hard to describe with words, we have chosen Kenya as the destination for our next special edition adventure! From the majestic savannahs to the rugged mountains, Kenya offers a playground that will push your limits and leave you truly breathless.

Isn’t it easy to picture yourself behind the wheel surrounded by the raw beauty of the African wilderness and the untamed terrain stretching out before you? Rest assured we already know the answer!

We are well aware that the anticipation is mounting, and we assure you that more information about this thrilling journey is on its way. The OneLife Rally team has been hard at work, crafting an experience that will exceed all expectations, making this Safari venture an unforgettable chapter in the history of OneLife Rally.

The countdown until OneLife Rally Safari Kenya has begun, and soon, the roar of engines will echo through the African wilderness.

Stay tuned…

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