Jubilee 5th edition of the OneLife Rally


OneLife Rally 2021, held in cooperation with important partners such as AP Corse, Betwinner, Hifa Petrol, Dogus Group, OmegaPro, and others brought together a network of 95 state-of-the art supercars drivers from more than 10 countries of Europe,
the US, and Asia. The route of 2870 km spreading between seven countries started at Galataport Istanbul pier that was open to visitors for the first time after 200 years. After Istanbul (Turkey), cars headed towards Sofia (Bulgaria), Pristina (Kosovo), Belgrade
(Serbia), Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Budapest (Hungary) and Prague (Czech Republic).

The hype around OneLife Rally 2021 has been tremendous – in terms of (social) media reach and also in the number of visitors, coming to see amazing supercars. OneLife Rally, the only open-style rally in the world, followed by a big group of followers and fans,
made it to the top of passionate supercar drivers’ annual activities! OneLife Rally network, often simply called “a family”, is growing in number as well as in the scope of different backgrounds. Currently, it counts 200 supercar lovers. OneLife Rally 2021 finished with a charity event, called Mini Rally, held on July 31 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Nik Papič, CEO of OneLife Rally and Ahmed Ahmetlić from Hifa Petrol, enabled the children with cancer to feel the charm of driving with supercars. They have taken children from the association “The Heart for Kids with Cancer” on an unforgettable ride through the streets of Sarajevo. Part of Mini Rally is also our charitable donation. This year we have raised 33.000 euros to financially support the charity association Srce za djecu. Our family has once again
shown their big hearts and we thank each one of them. Curating exclusive lifestyle experiences since 2017, OneLife Rally is a synonym for state- of-the-art supercars rolling on the streets, creating magical moments and striving for a better future.

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