OneLife Rally NFT Collection Sells Out in Record-Breaking Time!


Last week, the eagerly awaited OneLife Rally NFT collection, created in collaboration with ZoidPay and Niftables, experienced a remarkable feat by selling out in under 40 minutes!

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all the enthusiastic buyers who took part in this significant event. By becoming a member of this extraordinary club, you have joined a community that embraces the essence of adventure, excitement, and limitless potential. Congrats!

If you missed out on the initial sale, don’t fret! The OneLife Rally NFTs are now available on the secondary market. This platform offers a convenient way to explore the collection, check rarity, and engage with other passionate collectors. Whether you’re seeking a specific piece or hoping to make offers, the secondary market allows you to dive into the universe of valuable digital assets.

Exciting developments are on the horizon as ZoidPay launches its utilities starting from June 1st. Make sure to keep an eye on the ZoidPay’s thrilling opportunities that await you, including their innovative shopping pool utility. As one of the pioneers in the MultiverseX ecosystem, ZoidPay continues to push boundaries and revolutionize the way we engage with digital currencies.

To add even more excitement to your journey, OneLife Rally NFT team is organizing a raffle exclusively for NFT holders this week

The raffle presents a chance for every NFT holder to participate and win incredible prizes. The system is simple: owning common car NFTs grants you one entry, while uncommon car NFTs grant you two entries. Holders of rare NFTs receive five entries, and those who possess the most rare NFTs gain a whopping ten entries into the raffle. The more NFTs you hold, the higher your chances of winning! For instance, if you possess two common NFTs and one rare NFT, you will have a total of seven entries in the raffle, increasing your odds of securing a coveted prize.

As we continue to witness the rise of digital collectibles, the OneLife Rally NFTs stand out as a shining beacon of creativity, excitement, and limitless possibilities. Remember, you are part of something truly extraordinary in the MultiverseX ecosystem. Embrace the adventure, celebrate the spirit of the rally, and let the OneLife Rally NFTs fuel your sense of wonder like never before.

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements!

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