OneLife Rally raised 33.000 euro for children with cancer


OneLife Rally 2021 has officially finished on July 31 in Sarajevo with an event Mini Rally. Nik Papič, CEO of OneLife Rally, and Ahmed Ahmetlić from Hifa Petrol, enabled the children with cancer to feel the charm of driving with supercars. They have taken children from the association “The Heart for Kids with Cancer“ on an unforgettable ride through the streets of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This is part of our contributions to the well-being of people that goes beyond our events for a better- shared future.

An important part of OneLife Rally is also our charitable donation. This year our family members raised 33.000 euros to financially support the charity association “The Heart for Kids with Cancer“.

Noblesse oblige – we are aware that privilege entails responsibility. We go beyond

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