OneLife Rally Speciale

As we are always looking around the world to bring you the best experiences that we can find we got a call from mister Enea Casoni from EC Only One,  a company situated in the heart of Italian exotic car industry. We grabbed the offer and went on a trip to Italy. Here you can get details on what we have discussed and what is our mutual offer as we are sure that there is no experience on the world like this one. 

As we all want to drive the best cars on the best roads it doesn’t get more special than driving on the road used by Ferrari, Lamborghini, Ducati and many others to test car abilities.

Futa classica! 

From the Mille Miglia to the modern Heroes, the Futa Pass has been a timeless destination. From Stirling Moss to Ferrari, man and machinery have been testing their ability behind any psychological and physical limit. If you think the TT race or Le Mans are the ultimate test, well this is what society want you to think. The real test can only take place behind the curtains only within a small circle of connoisseurs. Let us give you the joy and pride to make you part of this secret circle.

66.2 km, including the Passo della Futa of Mille Miglia fame

What to expect?

You will be picked up on the airport with G-class AMG by mr. Enea Casoni himself, an Italian racing legend and owner of EC Only One company that produces P8 amongst other models. 

Next comes the ride to the start location Challet Della Raticosa.

Package  - All in (OneLife)

P8 driven + Ferrari 488 GTB 

Price: on request

Package - The Italian stallion

Ferrari 488 GTB tuned

Price: on request

Package - Fast driver (for 2 person)


Price: on request

Package -Beginner (for 2 person)

Mercedes GTR

Price: on request