Our Story

OLR Philosophy

What drives us

OneLife Rally is a unique event. This carefully designed adventure, taking you annually through seven different countries, is an unforgettable experience. Many other rallies in Europe are driving the same fancy routes. We choose different paths. Organization, service and innovation of the highest quality, reliability, and an international orientation have made OneLife Rally one of the leading rallies in the region. Since 2017, OneLife Rally is also the only open-style rally in the world. Meaning, it is not fenced and each of the visitors can get close to the car, take pictures next to it, and in some cases even sit in.


OneLife Rally is a platform for supercar lovers. OneLife Rally family members are connected through different communications channels. Throughout the whole year, in between annual rallies, they are active in social media groups. In 2021, together with Ankora, we have developed a special app – Members Profile, where supercar owners and other members of this community could join upon invitation. It is an exclusive digital platform, serving as a one-station information point for the event, and a safe place for growth and development both professionally and personally.

We are a Family

OneLife Rally is a family, based on respect. Usually, events are very limited in space and time, lasting one day at single location. But not ours! OneLife Rally stands out for connecting people in a new dimension. Our drivers are together for a whole week. They are not just “participants of the luxury automotive gathering”, but rather family members of the exceptional international network. Apart from that, at every stop of the rally, thousands of people come and enjoy the supercars. In 2021, more than 100.000 people came to support OneLife Rally drivers!

Beauty of our region

OneLife Rally is an ambassador of Balkan. We say: Balkan is the new cool! By organizing exceptional routes and gathering people from all around the world, we upgrade its reputation and the image of Balkan as a safe, beautiful region. We foster foreign investment, tourism, and philosophy that diversity is not an issue, but power. We help people to be less ethnocentric and prepared to act in diverse cultural environments.

How we give back

OneLife Rally is a charity. We are aware that privilege entails responsibility. We rise by helping others. Each year, the OneLife Rally family, connecting 200 supercar lovers, donates money for children. Beside donations we express our care for broader community also in other ways. Sometimes spending time with others can speak louder than money or gifts, that is why we also organize Mini Rally for children.

OneLife Rally is your way of changing the world for the better.

When driving becomes a philosophy.

We ride together

Let’s experience this drive together