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OneLife Rally team is agile, flexible, and committed. Because of the amazing individuals, linked with the passion for supercars, and the amazing team spirit, OneLife Rally can deliver seamless services.

All team members are well connected with foreign partners and are professionals in their fields. Together we are offering a myriad of benefits through the OneLife Rally business model; built on a greater sense of responsibility, wide network, and delivery of an epic experience. The real value lies in people attending our rally, so we make everything we can to secure that our attendees feel good. We are customer-centric oriented.

OneLife Rally builds on friendship, collaboration, good vibes, and a deep commitment to a positive change in the world.

Nik Papič Slovenia

Co-founder and CEO of OneLife Rally

Nik holds a bachelor’s degree in economics.  His career is devoted to the automotive industry. However, his areas of special interest include event management, music, and creative writing. In 2013 he was given the MTV Air Play award for a Balkan region; his song was in the final of the Eurovision Song Contest.
OneLife Rally is Nik’s vision of upscaling the Balkan region. He is deeply encouraged by creating an image of the safe, dynamic and emerging region, where splendid one-life experiences are taking place. Many people from Balkan, who are living all over Europe, share a common passion for supercars. And rally is his idea of connecting them, his way of connecting the disintegrated Balkan.

In his opinion, events like OneLife Rally are best networking and investment opportunities, as close cooperation with numerous local and international automotive leaders contributes to successful interlinking and interaction.
The ability to inspire and built a strong team are Nik’s most important skills. These are also the skill that separates great leaders from average ones, so no wonder that he has managed to make OneLife Rally one of the leading rallies in the region.
The ability to inspire and built a strong team are Nik’s most important skills. These are also the skill that separates great leaders from average ones, so no wonder that he has managed to make OneLife Rally one of the leading rallies in the region.

He is an exceptional leader, in the corporate and entrepreneurial world, as well as the musical stage. Through his work he demonstrates the principles of equality, transforming thinking patterns and removing barriers that limit our creativity.
Nik is a creative, well-organised person, always on the move, passionate about traveling and driving. On social media, he is known as @nickpapis, in real life, he is the one who is always wearing a smile. Beware – his energy is contagious!

Three words that describe him are vision, positive energy, and dreams.

  • Provides inspired leadership company-wide.
  • Is responsible for providing strategic, financial and operational leadership for the company.
  • Mentors and interacts with members of staff at all levels to foster growth and encourage development.
  • Acts as the primary spokesperson for the company.
  • Develop the company’s culture and overall company vision.
  • Build alliances and partnerships with other organizations.
  • Articulates and implements the OneLife Rally’s strategy for selling products or services;
  • Actively seeks out major international customers and forms good relationships with key influencers and buyers;
  • Leads presentations for business development and is involved in meetings with key business stakeholders;
  • Is a part of organizational team and back-office activities, sending out sales campaigns and invoices;
  • Is a party-soul of the events.

Gabrijel Jozić Croatia

Co-founder and Head of Sales at OneLife Rally

Gabrijel grew up in Switzerland, where he graduated in economics. From the very early stage of his career, he knew what he wants. Gabrijel cherishes independence and purpose at work. In his opinion, 9-5 job is outdated.
Fifteen years ago, he co-founded Luxury-Trade GmbH, with headquarters in Zug. The company has created one of the early-stage online fashion stores in Switzerland. Since then, Luxury-Trade, led by Gabrijel as CEO, is one of the leading international trading companies, supplying top luxury fashion brands for B2B. Gabrijel remains also a consulting agent for various fashion brands in Europe and globally.

Among other start-up accomplishments, Gabrijel created the first protein ice cream at that time in Switzerland, had a gym fashion protein clothing brand, presented in the main Swiss TV Channels.
However, his passion number one is his love for cars. Getting a driving license was just a formal entry point into the magic world of super-power machines and same-minded people. He co-founded OneLife Rally with Nik Papič. Both being hard-working and dedicated to work. The funny fact is, that the idea of OneLife Rally was born spontaneously, at a party. OneLife Rally started as their implementation of the ‘better business for a better world’ vision.

Gabrijel’s top professional attributes are good networking and excellent sales and negotiation skills. He believes that networking comes from genuine relationships, not a business card exchange and is willing to dedicate his time and energy to building genuine long-term business relationships.

Three words that describe him are funny, goal-oriented, and loyal.

Head of Sales


Kristijan Semulić Croatia

Head of Organisation at OneLife Rally

Kristijan graduated with a master’s degree in engineering. He is an example of the next-gen workforce, being aware that he is in the driver’s seat when it comes to managing his career path.
He started his career as a marketing manager in one car brand company, continued as a junior analyst in pharmaceutics. After 3,5 years he decided to go further and enjoy an exciting new career route.
Currently, he is the event manager for a larger range of different types of get-to-gathers, from regattas, conferences, start-up incentives. Kristijan is with clients from the planning stage, right through to running the event and carrying out the post-event evaluation, and further business development.

By heart, Kristijan is a car enthusiast. For him, the ultimate nirvana is to explore the world of supercars, getting to know the industry, drivers, and the thought-leaders of this specific segment. Consequently, parallel through everything he does, he has been involved in organizing car events.
Being part of the OneLife Rally since 2018 is like his dreams coming true. Often reaching across all areas of the business, Kristijan likes the saying; do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life!

Besides all his strength, he is an incredibly durable driver. You would often hear him saying, something like: “What, 300 km is a long drive for you? I am often driving 16 hours a day, and it is still normal to me.”

Three words that describe him are problem-solving, creativity, and multitasking.

Head of Organisation


  • Handles logistics in preparation phase and during the event.
  • Research venues, suppliers and contractors.
  • Creates graphic design solutions.
  • Manages a team of photo and video production staff, giving full briefings,
    troubleshoots on the day of the event to ensure that all runs smoothly and to budget.
  • Research opportunities for new clients and events.
  • Is responsible for OneLife Rally’s financial health.
  • Oversees all operational aspects of company strategy, helps set strategic goals and is responsible for the flow of operations information to the chief executive and the board.
  • Evaluates overall company performance by gathering, analyzing and interpreting data and metrics.
  • Directs and oversees operations staff to ensure that they are motivated and trained to carry out their responsibilities to the required standard.
  • On the events, she also in the role of hospitality manager, focused on ensuring excellent customer experience.
Maša Jakulin Slovenia

Co-owner and Head of the Office at OneLife Rally

She holds a bachelor’s degree in economics, while her interest also lies in developmental psychology. Since Maša is part of the family business ATech, she has developed a leadership mindset at a very early age. Family companies like hers remain successful across generations also because they possess a unique definition of wealth. Wealth is more than financial capital to them.
Maša brought up in such an environment, believes that success is a dynamic interplay of human, cultural, social, and financial capital. In the role of Human Resource Manager in ATech, she plays a strategic role in a company with more than 20 years of experience in R&D production of electronics. To stay on top of the industry trends, Maša is also an active member of The Family Business Network, the world’s leading organization of business families, and is attending their events regularly.

Despite her safe background, she joined OneLife Rally management board with great enthusiasm. She wanted to start something from the scratch, outside her family ties. Now she combines her unique experience: the tradition of the family business and the innovative spirit of a start-up.
In her primarily HR professional role, she is proud of the OneLife Rally team for many reasons. It is boasting with special energy, it is being united by the higher values, thriving for a better tomorrow, avoiding get-rich-quick schemes.

The passion for supercars has developed gradually in her case. At first glance, she thought of Enzo Ferrari, which one of her friends proudly showed her, something like, “ok, that’s nice, let’s move on”. Later, she recognized a different value. She believes that supercars are beyond dream machines. They have the power to change the world for the better. OneLife Rally is perfect proof for that!

Three words that describe her are honesty, curiosity, and consistency. She never stops doing things halfway.

Head of Office


We ride together

Let’s experience this drive together

Who trusts us

If you want to go far, go together.

OneLife Rally family believes in the strength of connections. Only when forming meaningful partnerships, we can create a better future and new opportunities. We are proud that every year our network is growing. We are getting bigger, more international, with more diverse backgrounds.

OneLife Rally is in the privileged position of connecting some of the world’s most loved supercars’ owners.

Every partner, every sponsor is unique. We cherish each one of them.

Nermin Hadžić
CEO at Ankora, a custom software development company.
“We share the same interests and ambitions with the OneLife Rally team. We are focused on success and top results, and this has led us to cooperate successfully for the third year. OneLife Rally team members deserve superior organisation and perfect software solutions. We have created it for them.”
AP Corse, Chech Republic
“A leading company providing a comprehensive service that covers all aspects of the highest classes of cars. ”
João Vaz
PR Director at Betwinner
“We are delighted to confirm our continued sponsorship of OneLife Rally. It has helped us to extend our profile and brand exposure within the supercar fan segment. Our partnership is valid for both -at sporting, business, social levels with lots of fun and positive networking”
Mehmet Bali
Chief Marketing Officer at Dogus Group
“Galataport Istanbul is a soul catching ecosystem that combines heritage, natural beauty and design with a uniqueelegance. It embodies innovative concepts with all the possibilities of intelligent transformation and facilitates dailylife through artificial intelligence. We are looking forward to hosting the super cars of OneLife Rally at the heart of our magnificent city, Istanbul.”
Mario Herzog
Owner at Mario Herzog
“OneLife Rally creates memories that enrich our lives. I am glad that our leather products are part of this amazing experience and part of a beautiful mosaic of this epic rally”
“A provider of a state-of-the-art platform to operate in total transparency in the world of trading.”
Hifa Petrol, Bosnia and Herzegovina
“One of the fastest growing oil company in BiH.”
Muhamed Vrabac, Director

“As result of successful cooperation between Hifa Petrol and OneLife Rally, 100 state-of-the-art supercars will be rolling on the streets of Sarajevo on June 30 and July 1. We are proud that the best cars in the world are coming to HifaPetrol for the best HPLUS fuel and we are happy to continue supporting OneLife Rally for the second year in the row.”